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Two blends of oils with Posola and Intosso

The Parete family has been producing extra virgin olive oils, mainly from Intosso cultivars, for more than 100 years around the Pescarese area. Our goal, today, is to promote and enhance the Abruzzo area, through quality products, especially the oil based on the native Intosso cultivar, which has resulted from studies to have an excellent presence of polyphenols and very low acidity. The Parete family, thanks to its tradition, experience and passion, has found the perfect mix to create a quality extra virgin that is a balanced expression of the typical varieties of the territory. The main cultivated variety is the native Intosso, accompanied mainly by Dritta and Alannese (local clone of Posola), followed with much lower percentages by Leccino and Frantoio.

Tasting note

In tasting, La Valle dei Parete blend are characterized by a fruity aroma with notes of tomato, artichoke and freshly cut herbs, sometimes legumes, green pepper or fresh walnut. Depending on the percentages in the blend, sometimes notes of officinal herbs prevail, with clear memories of mint and rosemary, sometimes more delicate basil and spicy nuances of cinnamon and almond only in the end. In taste, bitter and spicy are usually in harmony, but this depends on the vintages and the degree of evolution of the blend. Our oils are different in each vintage and they also evolve in the year following bottling.


Put it on the bread! No, really, on bread! Because with the bread all the scents are enhanced. If you want, try it also with a fresh field salad or broad beans. You will also find it excellent in combination with grilled meat and baked fish. It goes well in small doses on beans, potatoes or cooked vegetables with a strong flavor. An extra gear for seasoning first courses and legume or cereal soups. But you will go back to looking for bread. Because this is truly the best combination of all La Valle dei Parete oils; the perfect combination to savor the different blends of the best varieties according to the harvest year. A secret: put a thin slice of primo sale cheese on the bread and pour a drizzle of oil and taste it even like this. And if you are reckless, try putting a sliver of dark chocolate on the bread at the end of the meal and pour (only this time) a single drop of oil...

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