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The Gift of the Borgo

Wellness that comes from nature

The I Doni del Borgo line of La Valle dei Parete was born from the love for natural products such as honey, royal jelly and medicinal plants and their cosmeceutical and nutraceutical use. The products of the I Doni del Borgo line were born in the town of Abbateggio, in the province of Pescara, on the northern slopes of the Majella, to begin to testify and convey in other contexts the well-being that the Borgo (the village) brings to those who visit or stay there. It is a line that will be developed with other integrators and body creams, but which today promotes the main gifts that we have found as primary effects of the Borgo. They were imagined as "bottles of good memories", which can be taken home, or to friends and relatives, or consumed during the stay, to open the lungs and breathe better and deeper the clean air of the Apennines, to prevent the fatigue by bringing natural energy to those who want to venture into the many trails of the Majella Natural Park and, finally, to clear the mind and facilitate the relaxation of those travelers who, even from far away, come to visit us and stay in the accommodation facilities of Abbateggio.

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