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Paries | Rosso IGT Colline Pescaresi

In Latin pàries (-iĕtis) means “parete”, and we have chosen the name of this masculine noun of the third declension to define this first wine of the La Valle dei Parete company. Assonance and direct meaning would already be sufficient justifications, but we are interested in underlining at least one other aspect that is hidden, or rather reveals itself, in the historical meanings. In fact, the Latin term could derive from the juxtaposition of the prepositions Par- (perì, gr., Around) and Parà- (parà, gr., Or prae, Lat., Before or against) and Es-ètem (past participle of the verb eo , I’m going).

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Paries Red 2021. Typical Geographical Indication Hills of Pescara. Produced in Italy.

So the Pàries is what goes “around”, in our case, “in front” and “beside”. Around the olive trees, the Parete family’s main business for more than 100 years. But another etymology is equally interesting and would derive the word from Par, pari, and the term would derive from the verb Parare, which could in this case be translated as divide equally, between the vines or the heirs in our case, which is what families have traditionally done in the area for generations. But aren’t we talking about wine? There is not much to say, better to taste it… A single note to place it, it is a wine that sees the use of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes as well as other excellent native vines to produce a taste experience throughout the meal that does not wink at fashions and does not detach itself from the territory. A ruby red wine, fragrant and fruity, with notes of cherry and violet, corroborated by vanilla and cocoa, of marked freshness but of gritty harmony, expresses a unique warmth without being vinous, a savory drink and a clean finish that persists. Matching on which it is exalted are all the roasts, especially if grilled, but it does not look bad if it accompanies traditional aperitifs such as cold cuts and cheeses to open the meal or on a tasty pasta with sauce. It goes well with recipes with black truffles and absolutely to try with seafood dishes rich in structure.

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