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Handcrafted Panettone with Excedo oil

Panettone is the cake that represents Italian pastry in the world. The handcrafted Panettone with extra virgin olive oil Excedo is a secret treasure chest with many Italian sweetness and peculiarities.

Originally the panettone was born as a Christmas cake, today it is eaten all year round. The panettone with oil Excedo is a different one from the usual Panettone, it is softer and with high digestibility, prepared with natural sourdough and raw materials of excellence and quality expertly chosen by the Master pastry Chef Federico Anzellotti.

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The handcrafted Panettone with extra virgin olive oil Excedo is a choice of superior digestibility and lightness, without sacrificing to be greedy. A “rustic” gastronomic Panettone, that if enriched with cold cuts and cheeses, can be served as a starter at Christmas. A tasty appetizer, easy and fast.


Italian antique wheat flour 00, extra virgin olive oil La Valle dei Parete – Abbateggio, Abruzzese sources water, yolk cat. A, sourdough, sugars (including crystallized grape must), semi-candied olives, Italian honey, cocoa butter, salt, natural aromas (vanilla, lemon, orange).

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