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The Parete family has been producing extra virgin olive oils, mainly from the Intosso cultivar, for more than 100 years around the Pescarese area. The production of oil began by “Grandfather” Donato Parete, through the villa and the first land purchased by the Baiocchi earls in the early 1900s, in the La Valle district, under Abbateggio (Pescara – Abruzzo region, Italy), a village 450 meters above sea level, on the northern slopes of the Majella. Wine had always been added to the oil, in smaller quantities, today it is the destination of a journey towards achieving the highest quality.

So, after a leap of two generations, in which the way of working the oil has remained the same as it once was, and other lands have been added to the properties, destined for the cultivation of the olive tree, today the grandchildren Donato Parete and Donatella Parete took turns: they have collected the legacy of the family’s olive-growing tradition, bringing innovation to the development, production and marketing of oils, which are blends of very high quality extra virgin oils, which are born from real cru, the result of a wise annual selection.

The goal is to promote and enhance the Abruzzo area, through quality products, especially the oil based on the native Intosso cultivar, which has resulted from studies to have an excellent presence of polyphenols and very low acidity.

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