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The secular history of the Parete family rises in Abruzzo, in Abbateggio (Pescara – Abruzzo region, Italy), on the northern slopes of the Majella along the road that, today, from the Scafa exit (A25) leads to the town of Caramanico Terme. Two thirds of the municipal area is part of the Majella National Park, which has recently become a UNESCO World Geopark under the name of Majella Geopark.

In this territory, a world heritage site, with features that combine geology, biodiversity, the historical presence of man and immense culture, we want to continue to keep our roots and what surrounds us firm: our efforts to help regenerate the town and, with it, even the countryside around, starting from the family’s properties, the La Valle estate, with the Baiocchi earls’s Hunting Lodge, the care of olive trees, of the Abruzzese oil and other typical features of the place.

We want to communicate the value of experiencing an unspoiled landscape, part of the Club of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy and also the protagonist of the 2022 edition of the National Festival of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

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